The week we taught Miss P to walk on a leash.

This week was interesting, you see last week I decided that our lovely house cat Miss P needed some outdoor action.  However we couldn’t just let her out, we have a busy road nearby and we have already lost one cat (R.I.P. Koby Kat) so we needed an idea.

People walk dogs an leashes, why cant we walk cats?  Why not lets give it a try.  I popped over to Amazon and found several pages of cat leashes.  YAHOO!  

The leash arrived in two days, thank you Amazon Prime Membership.  We spent a week leaving the leash near her food bowl and then one day when she was near the back door, I slipped it on her.

It was relatively easy, however there were a few tense moments between me and her.  Once it was securely fastened we slid open the door and Miss P was free.

Tentatively she took a few steps out, thinking it was trap of some short.  I should add that we would squirt her with a water bottle when ever she tried to head for the door.

Now she was free to explore.  As you can expect walking a cat is much different then walking a dog.  Cats are slow and go at their own pace.  Not so much a walk as, walk a few steps chew some grass, lay down, roll over, spy a bird, crouch, stalk like a lion, more grass, vomit and repeat.


Now she loves her leash, and waits for someone to walk her.  If you pick up her leash she is ready to go explore the back yard.  

Now that I have her leash trained I am thinking I can get her to go to the bathroom in the toilet and flush.  Stay tuned

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Daniel Brewington
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