Ice and Sun

Presley, Brandon, EV and Danny

Almost two complete years of being in Colorado and I still don’t get the weather. It still looks like summer from my window: sunny, green and blue sky, but you need a proper jacket, hat and sometimes gloves when you go outside.

The central heating that everyone has is so different from my Chile; it makes it even more challenging. It’s like 28 C degrees permanently inside of the house, so especially the kids usually wear t-shirts and shorts.

I decide this week take all the kids to the Ice Pavilion, as it is supposed to be open. We got our skates, our jackets, some cash for hot chocolates. We tried to remember where we left last season in our skating skills: Ev and Danny look like they weren’t stopped at all skating all summer. Brandon seem a bit better, probably because he tried to practice roller hockey over the summer.


The kids asked me, “Mom, are you going to skate too?” “Of course,” I said!!! I tied up the skates trying to remember when was the last time that I ice skating.

Well, I have done it twice in my life, once at Rockefeller Center of course, in Manhattan, NYC, and the other time at the Parque Arauco Mall in Santiago, Chile. I remember doing pretty well on both occasions. I remember being able to get to get some decent speed and do circles in a very smooth way.unnamed-5

However for some reason, today, everything was different. I was not able to even walk on the ice. I did only one lap, holding myself all the time. It was awful! Especially seeing all the kids pass by LOL. I want to try again, anyways. I´ll try to go as much as I can this season, to challenge myself and be able at least do one proper lap at a decent speed and do a couple of twists.

The kids enjoy the winter here and me too. Everything is soo cute when it is white and covered in snow. It’s magic, and it’s surreal. I love wearing hats and gloves and enjoy drinking hot cocoa. Happy Winter my friends!






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