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Christmas is the holiday that I enjoy most. It’s so exciting to pick presents for each of the people that I love and try to spread happiness and joy all month long.

This year is my second Christmas living in the States. It makes it even more spectacular because, in Chile, Christmas is in the middle of the summer, so everything I have ever watched in movies and cartoons since I was a child was a dream. The States has first place in my ranking of Christmas celebrations around the world. They put so much effort and attention to every single detail that the longer that I’m here, the more, I want a super extra fabulous American Christmas.

Last year, we were in the middle of very weird circumstances, which made Christmas particularly for me very bizarre. This Xmas everything looks different. We are in an entirely different position in every aspect, and it looks like is going to be the best Xmas ever! I’m so excited that I’m enjoying every process 100%. Last week, I took EV and her friend Presley to the Xmas Tree Light celebration at the mall. We had a fantastic time meeting Santa, drinking hot chocolate, having her face painted. Every day the whole town moves forward a little more to a truly Xmas experience.

Today at church, the pastor talked about a simple Christmas, and that is what I want this year: A simple celebration where everybody is happy, where nobody gets upset, and we are more synchronized with our positive feelings and joy.

JOY!, that is the word that represents Christmas for me:

Joy: a sense of great pleasure and happiness.

There is joy in the food and joy in the decorations.

Joy in the act of giving and joy in receiving,

Joy in the elf on the shelf and joy in being together.

Joy in seeing the kids faces fulfilled and joy in the white snow.

Joy in being with my parents and  joy in being with all the family.

Joy in wearing beautiful clothes and joy in smelling cinnamon and apples.

Joy in driving around the neighborhood looking at all the lights in all the houses and joy in knowing that this is going to be full of magic.

Xmas is coming. I can feel it.


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